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Giants in Brooklyn

January 26, 2007

I’m trying to become a “blogger,” by which I mean someone who writes often and with reason, as opposed to “a guy with a blog.” That’s not going to happen in this post, but it is a way to say that I don’t subscribe to hundreds of other blogs, nor do I participate in conversations between blogs. This is due mainly to lack of time–when I find the free time to write, I either work on my London book or the novel I’ve recently begun working on. The London book is under contract and has a deadline, which means I usually work on the novel. I hope to dedicate more time to this blog, because I feel like it has benefits for me as a writer, whether anyone is out there reading it or not (and I know some of you are, I’m just saying).

But, I do read Neil Gaiman’s blog pretty much every day, as part of my Guardian, Red Meat, For Better or For Worse, Reuters run-down of the things I need to know every morning. Which is a roundabout way to say that it was through Neil’s blog that I found Ron Mueck, a British sculptor who does some of the most remarkable and realistic work I’ve ever seen. He’s got a solo exhibition going on now in Brooklyn, which will move in two weeks to Ottawa. You can see some of his stuff here. Really amazing.

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