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I’m back

June 4, 2007

Well, that was a long break. For much of it, I was in London, and was blogging over at the Live From London blog.

Since returning I’ve hosted my parents over Memorial Day weekend and then prepared for and executed Eva’s 4th birthday, which was a rousing success. Ian’s 7th is next week, followed by Gwyn’s 35th in July and my (gulp) 38th in August. Then we’re done aging for another year.

The patio got finished, though Pat the friendly concrete contractor was actually Pat the charge-you-more-than-the-initial-quote-and-then-refuse-to-clean-up-the-large-amounts-of -debris-generated-by-your-project-guy-in-disguise. He moonlights as he-who-doesn’t-return-calls-or-show-up-when-you-rearrange-your-
schedule-to-accommodate-him as well, so he’s pretty versatile. I’d say that if you’re having concrete-y things contracted in Bismarck or Mandan, don’t use Pat.

But the patio looks good, which is what matters. I’ll post a pic soon, ’cause I know you’re jonesin’ to see it.

I’ve also got a few things I want to say about the experience of being in London again, which I’ll post over the next few weeks. London has such a deep effect on me. I always journal while I’m there, but this time I tried to think about the whys and hows. Not sure it worked, but I’ll transcribe some of that soon. Actually, I’m sure what I’ll do is begin to transcribe and then think of better ways to say things and edit/revise. But some version of my London-induced state of mind will be sprayed across your screen like graffiti soon.

I’m trying now to get back into a routine working on the London book. The amount of work left to do on that is nearly overwhelming at this point. I’ve been despairing over the deadline–it can conceivably be extended, but my teaching schedule is the reason I’m behind already, so I don’t like the idea of pushing into the fall semester. Plus I’ve got a contract to do an edition of Carmilla for Valancourt Press that’s due in August of ’08, so I need to start working on that in the fall.

So that’s my biggest concern right now, which will get worked out. I’ll either finish by August 15th or I won’t, and that’ll be it. Wish me luck.

The weather here is beautiful, after almost a week of heavy rain. Today is 73 and sunny, blue skies and a slight breeze. I hope I can get out in it later.

Hope you’re having a grand June so far. I’ll talk to you soon…

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