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Blind Mice in the Park

September 19, 2007

We played our first official gig as Blind Mice last Saturday, forty-five minutes at the new Custer Park stage in downtown Bismarck. Ian and I were ably supplemented by Aaron Dorrheim, who worked the saxophone like a madman. In spite of the inadequate set-up (apparently “sound system” means one mic and a four-channel board with five-foot cords), we had a blast and played fairly well. Aaron sounded amazing, and Ian was very impressive as well. We even played an encore, which was tough since we had played literally everything we knew for the show itself. We ended up doing Bob Dylan’s “On the Road Again,” a straight-forward 12-bar blues that allowed Aaron to wail on the sax and Ian to improv a drum solo. Overall, much too much fun. Here we are after the show. Note Ian’s album cover face.

But I haven’t had any luck uploading the video clips, either on YouTube or through Blogger’s new in-house video player. If I can figure out the problem, then I’ll post them here. They’re too big, and I believe there’s a way to shrink them, but at the moment I’m at the far end of my media manipulating abilities, on Blogger anyway.

It’s shame you can’t see the clips. We rock.

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