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Schools, vampires and catch-up

October 30, 2007

October was extremely busy, as evidenced by the lack of blogging. We’ve been working with the school trying to determine placement for Ian. He’s just not being challenged, even though our excellent teachers this year are letting him go to math and (soon) reading two grade levels ahead. Gwyn and I have spent most of the past six weeks reading about the appalling state of gifted education in America, and discovering important studies that indicate in no uncertain terms that gifted students who are accelerated two or more grade levels do significantly better academically and socially. Apparently the standard line of school district reasoning (that accelerating students damages them emotionally and socially) is dead wrong. Trying to make the school believe that is fairly difficult. We’re having a big meeting next week to push our agenda through. Wish us luck.

Disappointing news on the book front: McFarland wants revisions, or more accurately expansions. How I’ll fit another fifteen thousand words into my schedule I’m not sure. The short answer is that In Darkest London will not be released in 2008. It seems more likely that we’ll have a spring of 2009 publication date. Carmilla will most likely come out first. I’m not as devastated this week as I was last week.

The Fargo Forum published an article on vampires today that features input from yours faithfully. I ended up not being quoted as much as the hour-long interview seemed to indicate, but the reporter for the most part said what I said. If the link above asks you to register before you can read it, go ahead. It’s free, and I don’t think the Fargo Forum will sell your address.

Otherwise, things move forward as always. I told spooky stories and sang scary songs for 7-12 year olds at the public library last Saturday. That was loads of fun. Not only did the kids have a great time, but I really hit it off with the visual artist who did the second half of the program. It looks like she and I will be working on a project together (more details later).

Here’s me at the kid’s show, with Ian wandering in the background. I’m wearing make-up, in case I look overly pale or dead.

Sunday I spoke on Charles Dickens at the main street theatre in Garrison, ND. Much fun, though I only had an hour and couldn’t cover nearly enough info. The folks were very friendly, as nearly everyone I’ve met on trips to rural ND have been, and they knew a fair amount about Dickens already.

I’ve been watching Moonlight on Friday nights, and want to spend some time taking it apart; in a later entry, perhaps. For now, I’ll just say that I’m liking the story, and like some of the acting (particularly the believable and terribly hot love interest, played by Sophia Myles), but the dialogue needs some serious work. And they should lose the wise-but-weary voiceovers. Like, now.

Have a great Halloween.

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