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November 29, 2007

Yesterday I was on Prairie Public Radio’s Hear It Now program, talking about Charles Dickens. I answered some questions about Dickens’ life and read from A Christmas Carol and Our Mutual Friend. The occasion was promoting the Christmas Carol reading I’ll be doing at the public library on Dec. 16th. The interview went very well, despite my lingering cough, and despite my interviewer being in Fargo while I was in Bismarck. The show is available here. It’s the show for November 28th. You can listen to it in streaming audio directly from the site, or download it and listen at your leisure.

Today I gave a lecture at UMary on Victorian London and the Urban Gothic as part of the Faculty Excellence series. It was pretty well attended and I got some positive feedback afterwards from various faculty and students. I focused on chapter three of my book, and tried not to think about the fact that my publisher and I have reached an impasse on expansions.

Gwyn’s new endeavor continues to move forward. She today officially got financial sponsorship from the Community Foundation, and her board of directors looks nearly set. She’s putting the finishing touches on the first solicitation packet before beginning to actively fundraise. The Arlis Saxon Eco-Kids Project is up and running. Hoo-ray.

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