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It’s beginning to look a lot like…

December 18, 2007

End of the semester rush is upon us. I’ve given my final exam in 321 and am today collecting final papers from my 103 students. I’ll grade 65 papers and 15 exams, tally and turn in grades, and hopefully be done by Thursday evening. Eva’s school concert in Thursday; Ian’s was last Tuesday, and it was fun in an elementary school concert way. I did my Dickens reading on Sunday to about fifty people who laughed in all the right places and got choked up when Tiny Tim survived. All is good.

It’s been a fun holiday season. Gwyn and I have been much more the social butterflies than we usually are. First, we went to a big swanky shindig at our friends Tim and Carmen’s house. T & C are big movers in the ND Democratic party, and their annual party is partially to host friends and partially to host clients of Tim’s law firm and political players in the state. We talked with some other folks we know and met one of our state senators, and generally marvelled at the house and the food. It all felt very grown up.

Just as fun and more relaxed was a Hannukah party at Justin and Tera’s. Tera is a native Dakotan, but Justin is a New Yorker, and a Jewish one at that. The other two Jews from Bismarck were there as well, and a bunch of other fun people we hadn’t met before. Justin brews his own beer (billing himself as “The Jew who Brews in the Great Midwest”) and they gave us some freshly made “Hannukale” which we’re looking forward to trying. The kids learned how to play Driedel, and we listened to a specially made music mix wherein every band had at least one Jew in it. Who’da thunk that the Clash and the Ramones would have made it. Or Van Halen for that matter. Neil Diamond I expected.

Last Friday we reciprocated by having a gingerbread-making party for Justin and Tera and their kids, also inviting my former student Beth and her husband Dean. Beth’s little girl Liberty is good friends with Eva. That was fun too. And of course, we’ve been drinking nog and eating goodies and watching Christmas specials and generally being Christmas geeks.

Sunday morning we had our Christmas. We’re leaving for the Carolinas Friday morning and we all have school and work in between, so Sunday was the latest possible day. A letter sent to Santa brought him early–Eva is proud that we’re the first people in the whole world who Santa visited. Good loot all around.

And now a push through to get airborne on Friday. House-sitter found, presents bought, and all other arrangements made, I think. Just grading until then.

I hope you’re having a good holiday season so far. We’ve still got snow on the ground here from Thanksgiving, and hopefully more will be on the way soon. I’m growing to really like the winters here, believe it or not. Crystalline beauty everywhere, sharp blue skies, and lots of warm layers to wear. Just lovely.

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  1. Ruth permalink
    December 31, 2007 8:47 am

    What is that on Ian’s head??? Get the boy a Redsox hat!

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