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Shameless Self-promotion

February 15, 2008

In between rehearsals for The Importance of Being Earnest, rehearsals for the Choreographers’ showcase (in which Ian will be joining me on drums), wondering when I’m going to write the paper for my conference on March 8th, and wondering why I don’t say no to more things more often, I’ve been playing around with LastFM, which is an Internet radio station (note the cool new album quilt over on the “What I’m Hearing” section of the border). If you want to go see my playlist and listen along, feel free: it’s here.

More importantly, though, if you want to go and listen to my music–that is, music I wrote and played–then go here. I’ve uploaded the whole of the Clifden Sky Road CD, and the more folks who listen to it, tag it, add it to playlists and whatnot, the more in rotation it’ll be, and the more people will listen to me. Yay, me. I’m hoping to renew some local interest in Clifden Sky Road due to three tracks from it being featured in the choreographers’ showcase next weekend. You can help at little at LastFM.

And if you want to be pierced through with an aching sense of beauty, then spend lots of time with my new favorite singer/writer/guitarist, eighteen-year-old Laura Marling. There are four videos at that link–watch them all and then re-watch “My Manic and I.” Marvel at her lyrics. Be enraptured by her melodic sense. Ah, Laura Marling.

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