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A few links

May 12, 2008

I’ve been meaning to post a few links to sites of importance, so here’s the unvarnished post to do that.

Most important is the Arlis Saxon Eco-Kids Project, a new educational grants initiative spearheaded (and designed and implemented) by my lovely wife Gwyn.

Also in the helping the world category is the amazing Free Rice project, which donates rice through the UN World Food Program while you build your vocabulary. It’s quite addictive. If, like Gwyn and I, you want to do more for the food crisis going on worldwide (and exacerbated in places like Myanmar), you can give directly to the Friends of the UN World Food Program at this site.

David LaMotte has a new blog that primarily deals with his peace work, though it touches on politics and personal stuff as well. Go check out his story about being push-polled by the Clinton campaign, which got picked up by ABC News, the Huffington Post, and several other national media outlets.

And finally, I’ve spent a lot of time looking around my friend Ali LaRock’s web site, which in addition to telling how you can have her come and teach you all manner of artistic things, has a delightful gallery of her own art, which is whimsical and moving at the same time.

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