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June 10, 2008

We’re spending a rather odd vacation in the Carolinas. Had a great time, more or less, at the wedding of our good friends Margee and Deaver, catching up with them and with Amber, Sam, Nag, Christian, K.C., Christel, and others. I say “or less,” because Gwyn had to be rushed to the emergency room during the rehearsal dinner and was diagnosed with a stony gall bladder. She ahd the offending organ removed last Tuesday in Florence, and then recuperated at my parents’ house. We then spent a night with Chad and Noelle in Hendersonville, NC on our way to Boone to spend a week with Gwyn’s family, where we are now. Gwyn is nearly back to normal, since gall bladder surgeries nowadays are an outpatient thing.

South Carolina was supremely hot and humid–over 100 every day we were there. It’s much cooler here in Boone, and a mountain thunderstorm is brewing up outside right now to cool it off even more. Being in the South reminds me how much I miss my family, but it has also underlined how much I HATE the heat. I hated summers through my entire childhood, and I hate the muggy burn when I come home in the summers now. I may live in the South again, but I won’t go outside from June through September if I do.

I’m hoping to do some writing this week, and when I get back. I’ve got Carmilla to finish before August, and there are several other projects I want to make some progress on. I’m nearly finished reading Steven Pinker’s The Stuff of Thought, which has been inspiring and impressive but fairly difficult–not my field, though I’m fascinated by cognitive linguistics. I’m also working on Kelly Link’s Magic for Beginners, the follow-up to the collection I reviewed in my last post. In between I’ve read Neil Gaiman’s Odd and the Frost Giants and Ben Fountain’s Brief Encounters with Che Guevara. There is not nearly enough time to read everything I want–my “to read” list is growing and growing. I’m hoping to pick up Michael Cox’s The Meaning of Night while I’m here in Boone. Gwyn just finished Audrey Niffenberger’s The Time Traveler’s Wife but doesn’t recommend it. I trust her.

That’s the news from Boone. We’ve got disc three of Doctor Who season three waiting for us when we get home–much excitement. I like season three so far, and am looking forward to “Blink” which I’ve heard a lot about. Gwyn still mourns the loss of Rose, but I’m digging Martha. It’s giving me something to watch while I wait for Joss Whedon to return to television next season.

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