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Karloff and Poetry

February 10, 2010

My poem “Karloff in Dakota” has just appeared in On Second Thought, the journal of the North Dakota Humanities Council. I’m proud of the poem, a musing on the year Boris Karloff spent in North Dakota as a member of a traveling acting troupe. It’s a nice looking magazine, and I like the photo they’ve paired with my poem. The link above will download a pdf of the whole magazine for you. My poem is on page 43.

I’m excited about the first in our English department speaker series this week. Especially so because the first speaker is Jen Woods, who is not only the editor of the Lumberyard and the founder of Typecast Publishers, but is also a crony from my days in the Master’s program at Western Carolina, where she and I were in a fairly long-lived writing group and a slew of classes together. I haven’t seen her in nine years, but her career has been impressive, and the vision she has of poetry’s place in the world is one I can get behind. Go find The Lumberyard on Facebook and Twitter and follow her around. Great things are coming from those quarters.

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