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Post-DragonCon Post

September 12, 2010

I spent Labor Day weekend in Atlanta attending my first DragonCon–a paradise for a geek like me. I was there, of course, because Cornerboys got accepted into the DragonCon Independent FilmFestival and was screened three times over the course of two days. Ali LaRock and I were there representing the film. We were screened in an animation block, a block called “Magic, Mayhem, and Superhuman Powers,” and in the “Artistic Wonders” block, billed as the most beautiful films at DragonCon. The other films were terribly impressive and awe-inspiring, particularly Sam Hale’s stunning marionette fantasy Yamasong. We got a great response from audiences and other filmmakers, and overall spent most of the Con wondering if a mistake had been made to let us in with all these kicking films.

So it was with a mixture of humility and goofy joy that we discovered we had been chosen as one of the three finalists in the Animated Fantasy category. The winner was the entirely deserving Yamasong, but we were in there, folks. And most gratifyingly, the people we talked to after each screening seemed really taken with Cornerboys–the art, the music, and the story. We couldn’t be happier.

Here’s Ali and me looking happy with the world at a post-screening dinner. 

Happy Ali

Happy Jamie

The rest of the Con was pretty spectacular as well. I briefly met Cherie Priest, the lovely and talented author of Boneshaker, among many others, and I saw her read a really kick-ass zombie steampunk story. And Ali and I met and talked with a bunch of great artists, being particularly impressed by Camilla D’errico and Jasmine Becket Griffith, from both of whom I bought signed work that now graces my office. And I shook hands with Jewel Staite, in front of whom I don’t think I embarassed myself. But I’m just saying. Jewel Staite.

There were of course costumed fans of all types: detailed, extravagant, impressive, and unfortunate in equal measures. Lots of good panels and vendors as well. I’m already making plans to be there next year, with copies of the novel in tow.

Now I’m looking forward to the UMary Faculty Poetry Reading on Sept. 16th, and ValleyCon over the October 15th weekend. And somehow working on the new story that has appeared in my head full-blown. Fall is here, my favorite season, and I can’t wait for cider and pumpkins and Halloween.

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    October 2, 2010 6:16 pm

    Thanks, Paige!

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