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Barking Mad pre-sale

November 23, 2010

If you want it, it’s available now! Barking Mad, the first Reginald Spiffington Mystery, is now available for pre-order through Typecast’s website. They have a slew of holiday packages available right now, including the Typecast Ticket, which gets you everything Typecast will publish next year for only $50. This includes at least two issues of the award-winning poetry/letterpress magazine The Lumberyard, Barking Mad, and whatever else they bring out during 2011. A great deal going on right now…

We’re settling in for what looks like a real winter storm, which has scuppered our Thanksgiving plans and cancelled classes for tomorrow. So we’ll stay home and cook lots of food, listen to lots of holiday music, and decorate the house. We love the holiday season, and unashamedly geek out over it. (Dr. Who season five is also due in the mail from Netflix today–more geeking).

Have a wonderful holiday. If you want some tofurkey or sweet potato casserole, come on by. Weve got plenty.

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