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March, where is thy Spring?

March 23, 2011
I can’t see out the window of my writing room. There is too much snow plastered to the window, like some demented ice collage designed by a sadistic sprite. The equinox is two days behind us, buried in the drifts blocking my front door.
I’m taking advantage of a rare snow day off from work (in late MARCH) to catch up on writing-related work, some of which may eventually involve actual writing (!) on the new novel. But I want to first tell you about my daughter’s new book.

Eva's new book

Eva, who is seven, is whipping my tail when it comes to productivity and output. I’m crowing about my first novel coming out in June, but Eva has just self-published her second book, Attack of the Reptiles!, which is the sequel to last year’s Birds on the Run! I’m working hard to keep up. Her book is available for order here, or you can visit her website, which is much more colorful and has cuter pictures than mine, here.

But just because a seven-year-old is writing and publishing circles around me doesn’t mean that I’m not working over here. On Sunday I finished editing the proof of Barking Mad and got it sent back to my editor. We have a print schedule now–finished books should be delivered to Typecast by May 13th, and I should have my greedy little hands on them soon thereafter.
I should get a look at the cover soon as well, and I’ll be sure to show it to you as soon as I’m allowed. The crazy-good folks at Firecracker Press are designing it and creating the letter-press plates (I’m going to have a letter-pressed cover!), and since they can do things like screen-print tacos, I have no doubts they will do me right.
We’re also getting the Barking Mad Tour put together. I hope to have the first of those dates posted on the Calendar page soon, possibly as early as this weekend. I’ll be reading and signing in a town near you, providing you live near a town where I’m doing a reading or signing. Right now those cities look likely to be Bismarck, Minneapolis, St. Louis (at Firecracker Press), Louisville (home of Typecast Publishing), Boone, Asheville, Florence, Columbia, and Atlanta.
Hope you’re warm wherever you are. If you’re not in Bismarck, you probably are.
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  1. March 23, 2011 8:04 am

    Very warm, thank you. Sorry about your demented frost sprites. Apparently their contract was extended. They’re Union, you know. Except in Wisconsin.

    So excited about the book’s arrival. In my Mailbox! Yes, the Typecast People are sending one to me, and I shall present it to you for Signage on the Southern Leg of your book tour!

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