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Pre-tour update

June 27, 2011


We’re getting ready for the Barking Madness tour, which starts next week in St. Louis. There was a scheduled reading last Saturday in  Minot, ND, but the flooding situation up here continues to worsen, and the Minot area is getting hit the worst right now. I’ll announce the new date there once everyone is dry and we get it rescheduled. Until then, hold Minot in your thoughts; things are bad up there.

Before the tour, a few fun new things. I’ve got some new work coming out over the next few months: a poem called “Foxes,” which will be in Strange Horizons and a short story, “Dark Gonna Catch Me Here,” which will be in…wait for it…Weird Tales. “Foxes” is a longish poem about London and myth and reality and my trash can back in South Carolina. And foxes. It should be available in the next month or so (though it could be any time). “Dark Gonna Catch Me Here” is a dark little tale that’s bascially me riffing on H.P Lovecraft and blues guitarist Robert Johnson at the same time. I’m really proud of that one, and I’m very excited to be in Weird Tales, where Lovecraft got his start in the 1930s (not to mention Robert E. Howard, Frtiz Leiber, and slew of others). That seems more like “making it,” whatever that means, than anything that’s happened so far. I don’t know yet which issue of Weird Tales that will be in–either the fall or the spring. I’m sure I’ll crow about it again when it comes out. Frickin’ Weird Tales, y’all.

I’m also nearly done with the poem that will form the heart of the new short film I’m working on with Ali LaRock and Kevin Smith. This will be the second in a series of probably three, the first of which was Cornerboys. This one is as yet untitled, but has cannibals, lost children, a plucky young protagonist, and a house that walks on chicken legs. And what more could you want? I’ll post more info along with some clips of music and/or art as we move further into that process.

And finally, starting in August I’ll be writing a monthly blog for the Clarion Foundation (which supports the Clarion Writing Workshops for science fiction and fantasy writers). My blog will examine World Fantasy Award-winning novels in terms of craft–what can writers learn from this novel, etc. This will be helpful, I hope, and it will also be fun for me to delve into various winners of the World Fantasy award. I’ll create a link to that in the sidebar once it goes live in mid-August.

So those are a few teasers of things to come. Until these beauties are available, the big event is still happening–grab your copy of Barking Mad if you haven’t already…

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