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Heading Out (and a small request)

July 4, 2011

…and then we’re off on tour. We leave early (very early, sadistically early) on Wednesday morning–the first reading is in St. Louis on Thursday. “We” is me and the ever-supportive, clever, and gorgeous Gwyn, along with the Toyota Camry that has just this week replaced the ancient Buick which has carried us since we lived in Columbia six or seven years ago. Lovely to be heading out on a cross-country tour in a car that won’t break down and leave us somewhere in Iowa. Not that there’s anything wrong with Iowa.

The tour dates are still over on the Calendar page, about mid-way down under “Barking Madness Tour.” I’m really happy that we’ve added a final date in Atlanta, at Bound to Be Read Books on July 21st at 7:30pm. If you live in the Atlanta area, or can get there, please come out and say hi. Atlanta is the ve nue most likely to have a low turn-out, ’cause I have fewer connections there,  and I’d like to make it a worthwhile event for the good folks at Bound to Be Read. Come out, bring friends, tell neighbors. I’ll sending out updates and photos from the tour through this site and through Facebook (so if you haven’t “liked” the book on FB, get on it, dear reader).

I’d also like to make a brazen request, for those of you who have read Barking Mad, or are going to read it, or are fans of Cornerboys or my other work. Please let people know. The tour is the first big push for publicity, awareness, etc. Typecast is flexing its publicity muscle, but there are lots of things that might get missed without tapping into the collective powers of your brains. If you’ve read the book and liked it, review it on Amazon or Goodreads. Ask your local paper/blogger/entertainment news outlet to review the book or interview me. Tell your friends. Tell your friends. Tell your friends. If one of your friends writes for Locus or NYT Book Review, even better, but tell all your friends. Word of mouth is my most powerful ally, and it works better if it’s your mouth (instead of mine, which is biased).

If you read the book and didn’t like it, that’s cool as well. Just don’t talk so much.

No matter what you thought of it, thanks for reading. I’m really loving you for that. I can’t wait to see you at one of the upcoming events. Hope you can make it.

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