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Happy Birthday #amwriting!

August 2, 2011

This entry is part of the blog-o-rama/party/fest that is the 2nd birthday celebration for the #amwriting hashtag/community/website/extravaganza. Johanna Harness, the gracious and witty mastermind behind this Twitter-based support-group of writers, invited members of the #amwriting community to post blog entries on the anniversary (August 3rd). Those entries would link to each other in a glorious chain of writerly splendour. There is a good chance, for instance, that you arrived here via a link on PJ Kaiser’s website. And you’ll certainly want to follow this link to Evrett Maroon’s.

I’m more of a lurker on the #amwriting site, though I do use the hashtag on Twitter. But lurking is fun. It’s nice to have a daily reminder that there is a group of writers out there slogging away, just like me, aspiring and hoping and groaning and sighing and laughing and writing. It’s a grand thing Johanna has done, and I’m really happy to add my voice to the shoutin’ and hollerin’ today.

I wasn’t sure what to actually say here, beyond what I just said, but then I saw that Johanna had suggested a “photo of your writing space” as a possible entry. I thought: “I have a writing space,” and I thought: “I have a camera.” And, as an added bonus, I really love my writing space and the early morning hours I spend there. So here it is, cats and kittens:

The stereo with attached iPod on the right is a necessity. Right now it’s Beggar’s Banquet but many mornings it’s Dexter Gordon or Nat Adderley. Various totemistic knick-knacks inhabit the shelf and desk. I got the phrenology head in a shop on Cecil’s Court in London six years ago; one of the pipes in the rack on the shelf belonged to my grandfather. The white board contains goals and a list of the projects I’m working on, as well as brainstorms for future work. The books and papers on the desk mostly relate to Victorian London, reference materials for the novel I’m about to begin.

Looking back into the room from the desk, I see this:

That’s the sofa. It sleeps well. And it is a comfy place to sit and write notes or read poetry (or flip idly through the big pink pictorial of The Clash which you see on the trunk). The skull in the window is also from London, bought for me as a Valentine’s gift by my lovely wife  Gwyn, who knows the way to my heart. And there’s my window. My writing room is in the basment at the back of the house, as far from the living areas as can be, which makes it quiet and lovely–particularly when I can glimpse the sun rising through the window, which is positioned so that I look up into sky when I turn my head to the left.

And that’s where I write. And where I post to Twitter using the #amwriting hashtag. Happy Birthday #amwriting! See you in the morning! (Don’t forget to move on over to Ev’s blog next…)

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  1. August 3, 2011 11:56 am

    Some day I wish to have a writing workspace as nice as yours…

  2. Jamieson Ridenhour permalink*
    August 3, 2011 11:59 am

    I’m lucky that my family was willing to give up the guest room, which this used to be. Now my daughter gives up her room if we have guests spend the night. And I was careful not to photograph the stacks of boxes that sit just out of shot behind the desk…

  3. August 3, 2011 12:38 pm

    My writing space is so messy — no, make that *_MESSY_* — I didn’t bother to photograph it. Just look at a trash pile (or, if you’re in England, a rubbish tip) and you’ll see what my “workspace” looks like. 😉

  4. August 3, 2011 5:10 pm

    Jamie – Nice post – I love your writing nook – it seems very functional and yet peaceful (never mind the boxes, you’ll take care of them eventually 😉 I wanted to stop by and check out your post and also apologize for putting my post up late. I was stuck trying to get my pictures to upload and in the end never got it to work. Ah well. So, I hope I didn’t derail the flow of the carnival too much – and it’s back on track now 🙂

    • Jamieson Ridenhour permalink*
      August 3, 2011 9:19 pm

      No worries at all, PJ. Glad you made it to the party! And we spent part of today taking care of the boxes…eventually it’ll all be gone.

  5. August 3, 2011 7:35 pm

    What a great writing space! I’m so glad you joined in. 🙂

    • Jamieson Ridenhour permalink*
      August 3, 2011 9:19 pm

      I had a blast! Thanks for having me!


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