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Coffee and Tom Waits

August 23, 2011

Today is the first day of school, so the semester is officially underway. That means of course, that I’ve been back at school for a week already, going to long unnecessary workshops and updating syllabi while catching up with my colleagues. And I’ve really got the best colleagues anywhere, so these are not complaints. I’m drinking some glorious hazelnut coffee this morning while I listen to Tom Waits. You can join me. Here’s Tom:

Tom also announced today that his next album, Bad as Me, will be released on October 11th. I am happy.

A good morning. And a good month. I realize I said “over the next few days, I’ll update you on new projects,” and I realize I said that three weeks ago. Let’s just use a loose defintion of the term “next few days” and move onward, shall we?

There are primarily three projects that have my attention right now. Here’re the deets:

Barking Mad : The tour’s done, and the last big reading in Bismarck happened a week and a half ago. In Bismarck, you can pick up copies at Barnes and Noble (including some signed)–check in the “Mystery” section. The bookstores I read in on tour have a few copies as well (Grateful Steps, Black Bear Books, and Bound to Be Read), as does the campus bookstore at UMary. You can order through Amazon, B&N, and (best option) Typecast. My publicist as Typecast tells me that there will be a further push near Halloween, possibly with a sale or giveaway. An audiobook will happen, as will an ebook, and it looks likely that a second Reggie Spiffington adventure will be coming your way, maybe in 2013.

House of the Yaga: This is the second film from Cornerboys Films, which is me, artist Ali LaRock, and composer Kevin Smith. This is another narrated poem, illustrated by Ali and set to horrifying music by Kevin. Our inspiration this time is the image of Baba Yaga, the cannibal witch of Russian folklore. If you liked Cornerboys (and I know you did), this one ups the ante a bit. We’re aiming to get it entered into the Fargo Fantastic Film Festival, and hope for a full-on release in October.

New Novel: The current writing project is a YA fantasy set in Victorian London. Mad inventors, stolen corpses, a vampire brothel, street kids, a spunky protagonist, and lots of fog and cobbles and danger. And I’ve put in a fair number of zombies, like you do. My working title is Charley Cross and the London Dead. I’m about 10,000 words in, and expect it to carry me well into the spring.

Smaller things, but just as fun: My poem “Foxes” appeared this month in Strange Horizons. And my short story “Dark Gonna Catch Me Here” will appear in Weird Tales, probably in February.

Hope things are happy where you are. Hope to see you soon.

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