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I Am the Pumpkin King!!

September 26, 2011

Autumn is my favorite time of year–crisp air and sharp bright skies, apple cider and pumpkin bread, leaves turning the color of blood. Lucky me that Halloween falls in this season, and that the sort of writing I do means that October is often my busiest month. This October ups the ante, I think, and I can’t wait.

The biggest event for me will be the official release of the new film from Cornerboys Studios, The House of the Yaga, this Saturday, October 1st. Like Cornerboys, Yaga features words by me, music by Kevin Smith, and art by Ali LaRock. Full details will be here after the release, but you can follow the lead-in by going over to the Facebook page for the studio and “liking” it. Cannibals, lost children, and a special tie-in with my friend Chef Jenni over at her blog.

The House of the Yaga will be in the Fargo Fantastic Film Festival this year, running concurrently with ValleyCon Oct. 21-23. And I’ll be a guest at ValleyCon, so if you’re in the Fargo area (or can get there) come out and say hi. Ali LaRock will be around, and I’ll be reading and talking about Barking Mad and Yaga and Carmilla and anything else I can think of. Plus, there’s a Buffy alum on the roster, along with legendary sci-fi author David Weber.

The next weekend (Oct. 28th) I’ll be doing a Halloween reading at Barnes and Noble in Bismarck, reading my story “Dark Gonna Catch Me Here”–guitars and desire and the blues and the devil and love and the elder gods which wait to drag our world into chaos. So, fun all around. We’ll also be raffling off a DVD copy of Cornerboys to one lucky purchaser of Barking Mad.

So that’s what I’m doing in October. There’s also some new work coming out. I have a short short ghost story appearing in the October issue of the macabre children’s magazine Underneath the Juniper Tree, and the PDF lit mag Inkspill is printing my Creature from the Black Lagoon poem “In Which A Lady Scientist Is Touched By the Primal (Webbed) Hand” in their October issue.

Finally, Typecast will be doing a big promotional push for Barking Mad for Halloween, with fun stuff happening all month, including some pricing deals, I think. I’ll post a link when it’s up and running. This might include the release of the Barking Mad audiobook.

I shall then lay down and sleep during November. But until then, there are some bloody good things in store…

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