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Autumn Falls, in which we look, listen, and write

November 14, 2011

Well, things have calmed down considerably since Halloween. I’ve settled back into a writing regimen, and have been moving quietly through the semester. Some things that bear talking about:

Working the booth at ValleyCon

ValleyCon was a lot of fun–I did a reading of my story “Dark Gonna Catch Me Here” (in Weird Tales Feb. 2011), and was on two panels with sci-fi author David Weber. We also debuted “House of the Yaga,” which won Best Animated Film at the festival there. And I met lots of great folks who stopped by the booth throughout the weekend. My biggest geek moment of the convention was sharing a table with Buffy alum Clare Kramer. She’s not at all like an insane hell-god in person.

Hanging with stars. You know how I do.

The BIG NEWS right now is that the audiobook of Barking Mad is available now from Bandcamp. And because the internet is magical, you can listen to it RIGHT HERE:

I had a great time narrating the book, and think you should go grab a piece right now.
But we’re moving on. I’m working pretty regularly on the next novel, a YA fantasy set in Victorian London. Charley Cross and the London Dead is the working title. I’m a little over 30,000 words in, which feels like a third of the way. I’ll keep updating you on progress here, if only to make me keep progressing.
I’m not writing this as part of National Novel Writing Month, though it is November and I have participated in the past. This year the Ridenhour NaNoWriMo banner is being carried aloft by my daughter, the mighty Eva Ridenhour, who is becoming something of a NaNoWriMo celebrity due to an interview with her on the NaNoWriMo blog. Go check her out. She’s much cooler than me.
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