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Look What I Did! (2011 Wrap-up)

January 4, 2012

I hope you all had a wonderful holiday!

So, it’s a tad after the turn of the year, and I suppose I should have looked back and recapped some time on Saturday. And I did look back on Saturday, I just didn’t stop by to tell you about it. But since you can’t be late to your own party–Imma do it now.

2011 was a really busy and fruitful time, y’all. I’m a little shocked at how much happened since this time last year. The biggest event, surely, was the publication of Barking Mad, my first novel, which came out from the beautiful folks at Typecast Publishing in June. I toured throughout the month of July in support of Barking Mad, and during August and September recorded the audiobook. So I spent most 2011 with Reggie Spiffington and crew, and they are a lovely bunch of folks to spend time with.

The other big project was the creation of a second film with my ocassional partners Ali LaRock and Kevin Smith. We’re now calling ourselves Cornerboys Studios, mainly because our Facebook page for the first film has too many fans to change the name. The new film, House of the Yaga, came out in October and won Best Animated Film at the Fargo Fantastic Film Festival.

Smaller things, but just as exciting: fiction accepted to Weird Tales (!), Pseudopod, and Underneath the Juniper Tree  and poetry accepted to Dissections, Inkspill, and Strange Horizons. I wrote several short stories this year that haven’t sold yet as well, so fingers crossed for them this year.

And lots of readings, a radio interview, and a guest spot at ValleyCon. All good, fun stuff. I’m having a ball.

Here’s what’s coming up this year:

  1. New novel–Charley Cross and the London Dead. I’m a little over 45,000 words on this, which will probably end up in the neighborhood of 80-90,000. It’s very different from Barking Mad, but still combines lots of things that I love, notably Victorian London, girls who kick ass, and the walking dead.
  2. New film, probably. The third from the Cornerboys team. I have a fairly clear idea of which fairy tale we’ll darken and twist, I just need to find the time to write it and then send it to Ali and Kevin.
  3. Recording some music–Blind Mice material that needs to be put on tape, as well as a new song I wrote for a band in one of my short stories. Yeah,  I know. But I like it.
  4. Two academic papers that I’ll work on during January and February. One is a comparison of Carmilla and the Swedish vampire film Let the Right One In, and the other is an examination of steampunk rapper Professor Elemental’s album The Indifference Engine.  So FUN academic papers. Both of these have already been accepted to anthologies and so have deadlines. Deadlines are a good thing.

And I’m sure many other projects and events. Keep checking in here for info.

I suppose I should talk a little but about what great books and music I encountered during 2011 as well. Perhaps tomorrow?

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