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Goblins in Strasbourg, or, Cornerboys Goes to France

June 16, 2012

Robyn Cnockaert

This is my lovely friend Robyn. I met Robyn in 1999 while we were both in the masters program at Western Carolina. She was a member of a writing group with me (along with Typecast founder Jen Woods, poets Brian Henderson and Chris Boss, and others), the only real successful writing group I’ve been involved with. Robyn is Scottish, but lives in France since marrying a charming son of that country, our friend and fellow WCU alum Benoit. She teaches in an international high school near Strasbourg.

This year Robyn built an entire unit around Cornerboys. She taught Goblin Market, and talked about how inspiration leads to creativity, except she said it more cleverly. Over the course of eight months or so, the students read the Cornerboys poem and then watched the film, sent email questions to Kevin, Ali, and I, and finally created 3+ page magazine articles about Cornerboys and the creative process.


Students working on Cornerboys projects


Some of the final projects







A week ago Friday, the class chose the top three projects, and Robyn emailed them to me for judging. The prizes were Cornerboys art prints and buttons sent by Ali LaRock. I spent the weekend reading them and chose a winner. They had an awards ceremony this Thursday. I skyped in to the classroom on Thursday morning and talked with some of the students about the projects and answered questions about our films. (I didn’t skype into the awards ceremony, ’cause it was at 3am my time. France starts early).   I have to say this is the coolest thing that Cornerboys has been involved in. The film team felt very honored and humbled to have these bright and talented students across the ocean spending so much time thinking about and responding to our work. Thanks, Robyn! And thanks to the students in her English class!


A student using this very website!


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