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A Nation of Geeks

July 11, 2012

Hi folks

I’ve been in a sort of enforced blogginating silence, as I’ve been spending computer time working diligently on two projects which have deadlines I’d like to keep. Charley Cross and The London Dead, which I’ve been working on for quite a while, is rounding the corner into the final stretch, and hopefully I’ll make the self-imposed deadline and get it drafted, revised, and off to agents by mid-September or so.

I’m also making headway on the play, which has a real, outside deadline. I’ll be holding auditions soon after school starts in late August, so it’s got to be finished by then. I’m about forty pages in, or little under half-way. The working title is “Gravestone,” but since that’s stupid I’m sure I’ll change it. So far, we’ve had some creepy teddy bears. And runaway girls. And nosy neighbors. And possibly the ghost of a baby.

I have a lovely little writing room in the new house, and it’s a real pleasure to work on these new things here. So, I should be writing those things and not yakking at you.

BUT–I wanted to make sure I caught you up on a couple of things. The biggest is that both of the films that Kevin, Ali, and I made are now being featured on the new extravaganza clearing-house for all things awesome: GeekNation. I had the pleasure of meeting and sharing a mercy table with Clare Kramer (Buffy and a host of other cool shows/films) at last year’s Valley Con, and after seeing our films she invited us to be part of the new site she was launching. That site was GeekNation, and as a result, you can now check out Cornerboys and House of the Yaga over there. We’re in pretty spectacular company. If you don’t believe it, spend some time looking around the site. For a geek like myself (especially a Buffy/Firefly/Dollhouse geek) it’s pretty cool to be amongst the folks featured there. We’re uptown, y’all.

Other things coming up–nearly a year after being accepted, my story “Dark Gonna Catch Me Here” will be in the July issue of Weird TalesAnd “Singing by the Fire,” a ghost story with rattlesnakes, will be all over the place this October; it’s going to in an anthology called Hunting Ghosts from Black Oak Media, and on October 5th will be featured on Pseudopod, the horror podcast.

And if you missed it, my story about the horrors of middle school, “How Jordy Went,” is in the Summer edition of the cool online ‘zine Mirror Dance.

So that’s what’s going on. I’ll pop back in soon to give you some updates on progress. If I tell you, it keeps me working. Here’s a picture of my new house.

Front left in the writing room. Walk by, and I’ll wave.

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